This  is one of my rain/dust saddle covers I also reciently sold

This is a lighter weight rain/dust cover made of 100% demier. All have outdoor colored elastic to tye under your saddle.

This is a embroidery I put on a dust/rain Saddle Cover

Fly Fishing Reel Pouches

Rain/Dust Horse Saddle covers

Saddle Pad Covers

Goat Soap

Western Embroidery


Our Fly Fishing Reel Pouches are designed with a Tye-Fly embroidery on the top and a zipper closure with a shearling padding on the inside; to keep that special Reel Secure until the next time you use it.

   -designing  Western & English Saddle Rain/Dust covers out of  vinyl, canvas or  rain repellent Camo; to keep that special saddle protected from the weather when not in use in the barn or out on the trail.

   - our natural goat soap is made from our own Milk Goats off the farm

I embroidered two guns on the side of this  rain/dust cover.   Embroidery shows up  better on the solids. I like to embroidery on most of the products I design and make out of  heavy boat vinyl, suede, cowhide, twill or water repellent material.

Water Repellent Tote Bag

Fly Fishing Reel Pouches

Latida's ------- Specializing in Tack and Sport Gear.

If you are interested in any custom designing of  any of these products or just some embroidery work or leather tote bags drop me and email or give me a call under the page below "how to contact me" Would love to hear from you. I also design fancy saddlepad covers for the show ring.